Saturday, 17 March 2018

Week 6 Term 1

During maths this week we have been working on addition making 10's and whole numbers. We were looking at all the ways we can make 20. Children came up with numerous creative ideas. What was evident throughout was how maths is made up of so many patterns.

We had a very special visitor this week when Tessa brought in her Grandma's puppy. He is called Mac and is absolutely adorable! He was very fast so consequently a little difficult to capture a photo!!!

On Wednesday we had a special treat and had a training session with two players from the Makos team. We warmed up with a couple of games of seaweed and then got into passing skills. We learnt our thumbs need to face the direction of where we want to throw the ball. One hand guides and the other is the 'muscle machine' to throw.

On Thursday 22nd of March there is a paid union meeting for teachers to attend. If possible we are asking parents to collect children at 2pm on that day. If you are unable to collect your child then they will be supervised at school. Either way I will need tobe advised so that remaining staff will know numbers of children.

The school community group are running a raffle to raise money towards our outdoor whare. We are asking children to donate non perishable goods. Tickets will be on sale as of the 26th March outside the library.

Many thanks for your support.
Have a happy and safe week.

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