Thursday, 8 March 2018

Week 5 Term 1

This week during reading we have been working on the long vowel 'i'. Differentiating between syllables and sounds was also another focus. For example, the word night has only one syllable but three sounds, n-igh-t.

We have been trying very hard to keep our hallway tidy with huge success!

With our buddies this week we were teaching them to fold their milk cartons. It is harder than it looks for little hands!

Friday funday....

The School Community Group is organising a fundraising raffle. We are asking children and families to donate a non perishable item to put in a grocery hamper. We will be collecting them from next week. Thank you for your support.
Thank you to all those parents who came in for the Goal Setting Interviews. These were a huge success. I appreciate your commitment to your child's learning.
If you drop your child off at school before the 8.30am bell has rang please note that we are asking the children to enter the school grounds outside the staffroom area to wait for the bell. This is a health and safety measure until we have the large tree pruned.
Have a happy and safe week!

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