Saturday, 17 February 2018

Week 2 Term 1

This week we finally got to meet our Buddy Class! Unfortunately were unable to form partnerships with specific buddies as 5 of them were away so we hope to do this next time. We had an exploration time in and around their class. We got to experience 'Play Based Learning'. We loved the bubbles and the mud and water.

Back in class some of us were working together and supporting one another with a balancing activity.

We have been having a great time in Room 5. I am so pleased with the way the children have settled so well. I have observed a number of new friendships developing, lots of support for one another and taking on of lots of challenges.
Tomorrow, Monday 19th of February we are having the 'Meet the Teacher' and Family Picnic Tea. We are trialling having them on the same evening this year. I will be in the class at 5pm (officially) for Meet the Teacher. I will briefly cover the programme, routines and expectations of Room 5 etc. If you have any questions in regard to the programme this is the time to ask. We have scheduled Parent/Teacher interviews mid-term to talk specifically about your child. On Monday if this time does not suit you or you cannot make it not to worry as I have a handout with information. Or if you want to pop in earlier than 5pm and want to take your chances I am in the class that is perfectly fine too :)
Have a happy and safe week 😊

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